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PP: Sometimes I think White America thinks anti-racism means anti-white. If the playing field was balanced, maybe. But it's not. It's like saying, "I have a field, you have a field. You should shut up and grow your crops like me." Except, the other guy doesn't have farming equipment and the soil is poor. He's already behind before he even starts. Now, flip it around. The results would be no different if whites were behind other races. White riots and looting would ensue.


The mark you leave behind won't be COLORED it will be remembered by deed not appearance ... the soul returned to the Source... will hold every color ... and it will account for every deed regardless of color ... the only entity that worries over the superficial is mankind... think about it


""Is that like the same Islam we're dealing with today? Guys beheading people and shit?" "You can't judge Islam by those people any more than you can judge Christians by abortion clinic bombers or white separatists. Love turns to hate at the fringes of any belief system"" (141).

from Unreasonable Faith

You’re Not Being “Oppressed”

This is what anyone who claims "reverse racism" will understand once they recognize and educate themselves about white privilege. Readings for Diversity and Social Justice is a phenomenal book that explains the multiple dimensions of oppressions, and the companion text, Teachings for Diversity and Social Justice, explains the theoretical framework of anti-oppressive social justice education.

from Mail Online

'It's anti-white racism': Charlotte Rampling attacks Oscar boycott

Charlotte Rampling is up for her first Oscar for 45 Years, seen here.  During a Friday radio interview on Europe 1 radio station in Paris, where she now lives, Ms Rampling said of the boycott: ‘It’s anti-white racism’

from BuzzFeed

The Strongest Anti-Racism Ads Of The Last 20 Years

2002. Via the U.K. | The Strongest Anti-Racism Ads Of The Last 20 Years