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    antique archeology Nashville storefront, pickers tv show

    Antique Archaeology in Nashville, TN | Antique Shop | Collectible Shop | American Picker Store

    6. The American Pickers' shop, Antique Archeology, in Le Claire.

    of American Pickers on the HISTORY channel, Mike Wolfe most: Following dirt roads through sleepy towns across America in search of cobweb-covered gems from bygone eras. For Mike, these finds aren't things; they're stories. Some he sells at his shop, Antique Archaeology (with locations in Nashville and LeClaire, Iowa), a few he sets aside for design clients, and many find their way to his Leiper's Fork, Tennessee, home

    Archeological find at foot of Mt. Hermon in Israel- Ninth century BCE, referring to the 'House of David' and the 'King of Israel'

    Antique Archaeology in Nashville - the shop owned by the guys from American Pickers

    Cabinet of miniature antique portraits. Eve, a miniature portraitist, got Asa to model for her in Hoyt's Sweetest Scoundrel.

    The tomb of Xerxes I at Naqsh-e Rustam archeological site, Fars, Iran (by kamshots).

    Paris, Louvre Antiquities Egypt 1290-1224 BC - Ramses II as a Child, Relief

    The tomb of an Iron Age Celtic prince has been unearthed in a small French town. The 'exceptional' grave, crammed with Greek and possibly Etruscan artefacts, was discovered in a business zone on the outskirts of Lavau in France's Champagne region. The prince is buried with his chariot at the centre of a huge mound, 130 feet (40 metres) across, which has been dated to the 5th Century BC.

    Antique Archaeology (American Pickers Store) in LeClaire, Iowa

    Mike Wolfe of "American Pickers" has opened his second Antique Archaeology store, find it in Nashville's Marathon Village

    Hall of The Bulls, Lascaux Caves France. The five metre-long bulls, the graceful stags, the rutting bison, the very same prehistoric images discovered in 1940 that changed the history of art.

    Archeologists discover 5,000-year-old underground city that could be one of the largest in the world in the province of Nevsehir, Turkey.