Antique Archeology in Le Claire, Iowa. TV show American Pickers is here. Danielle from the show was working when we stopped.

Antique Archeology in LeClaire, Iowa. Home of the American Pickers.

Mike Wolfe of "American Pickers" has opened his second Antique Archaeology store, find it in Nashville's Marathon Village

Antique Archaeology in Nashville, TN | Antique Shop | Collectible Shop | American Picker Store

6. The American Pickers' shop, Antique Archeology, in Le Claire.

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo, Egypt. Some day...

17 Astonishing Photos That You must See, Prehistoric Archaeological Site in Shetland Scotland

American pickers Antique Archeology in Nashville

LeClaire, IA Antique Archaeology (America Pickers) is tucked away in the historic Mississippi River town of LeClaire, Iowa. It’s the birthplace of Buffalo Bill.

Brick wall...staging. Needs more color with loud pieces for Sunday School, but this gives me an idea.Nashville's Antique Archeology

An Antique Archeological Revival Jeweled Bracelet, circa 1860

Antique Archaeology in Nashville, TN | Antique Shop | Collectible Shop | American Picker Store

antique archeology Nashville storefront, pickers tv show

Archeological find at foot of Mt. Hermon in Israel- Ninth century BCE, referring to the 'House of David' and the 'King of Israel'

Antique Archaeology (American Pickers Store) in LeClaire, Iowa

Gold dagger, from the tomb of King Tutankhamun, Carter # 256dd; 31.9 cm; blade 20.1 cm; Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Two similar daggers were found in Tutankhamun's tomb, one with a gold blade (in image 26) and the other with an iron blade. Gold daggers were reserved for the nobility, but bronze or copper daggers were used from the Old Kingdom on in Egypt.

Where shall we travel to? ~ Antique Map, Orbis Geographical

The biggest fortress ever uncovered in Israel from the pre-Herod period was inaugurated in March 2014 in a secret ceremony. The fortress, th...

Antique birdcage by blackdenimgumby, via Flickr

In antiquity, present day Jordan was home for several ancient kingdoms incl: kingdom of Edom, Moab & Ammon. Throughout eras, parts of the country laid under control of regional powers incl Pharaonic Egypt during wars with Babylonians & Hittites; for discrete periods of times by Israelites. The Mesha Stele recorded the glory of King of Edom & victories over Israelites & others. Ammon/Moab kingdoms are mentioned in ancient maps, Near Eastern documents, Greco-Roman, Christian, Jewish.