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Antique Archeology in Le Claire, Iowa. TV show American Pickers is here. Danielle from the show was working when we stopped.

Gold dagger, from the tomb of King Tutankhamun, Carter # 256dd; 31.9 cm; blade 20.1 cm; Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Two similar daggers were found in Tutankhamun's tomb, one with a gold blade (in image 26) and the other with an iron blade. Gold daggers were reserved for the nobility, but bronze or copper daggers were used from the Old Kingdom on in Egypt.

Babylon, (Irak) - Some 90 kilometres south of modern Bagdhad lies the ruins of ancient Babylon, the original name of which, bab-ili, may be translated as the Gate of the Gods. -

Red Sea Crossing Discovered. Artifacts & Evidence

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Antique Archeology in LeClaire, Iowa. Home of the American Pickers.

An antique Jewish silver crown decorated with Hebrew inscriptions and the Star of David, part of religious ceremonies artifacts that were recovered by Egyptian authorities

Egypt, Egyptian Detail ©2015 John Galbreath

One of the largest secret Mithraic temples in Rome is hidden next to the famous Circus Maximus. Discovered in 1931 as part of Rome's fascist-era building projects, the small subterranean space was once dedicated to the mystery cult of the god Mithras.

Lost for 1,600 years, the royal quarters of Cleopatra were discovered off the shores of Alexandria. A team of marine archaeologists, led by Frenchman, Franck Goddio, began excavating the ancient city in 1998. Historians believe the site was submerged by earthquakes and tidal waves, yet, astonishingly, several artifacts remained largely intact. Amongst the discoveries were the foundations of the palace, shipwrecks, red granite columns, and statues of the goddess Isis and a sphinx.

Brooklyn Museum: Egyptian, Classical, Ancient Near Eastern Art: Statue of Nykara and his Family

Rare antique Bible manuscript written in Syriac, a dialect of the native language of Jesus - thought to be 2,000 years old

Caiaphas Ossuary In 1990 a startling discovery was made that shook biblical scholars and archaeologists alike. In the Peace Forest section of Jerusalem was discovered a burial cave containing twelve ossuaries, one of them being none other than that of Caiaphas, the high priest who presided at the trial of Jesus. This amazing discovery provides us with a powerful historical connection to the events described in the Gospels.

Mike Wolfe of "American Pickers" has opened his second Antique Archaeology store, find it in Nashville's Marathon Village

Worlds Oldest Torah Believed Found In Bologna University Library, Scroll Overlooked For Years

The Ancient Giants of Nevada and The Mystery of Lovelock Cave

Researchers of the Hebrew University and the Israel #Antiquities Authority discovered remains identified as King David's palace at Khirbet Qeiyafa (Elah Fortress), a fortified city in Judah dating to the time of King David. Explore biblical archeology in #Israel, and experience history.

Most scholars had assumed King Herod the Great, who ruled Judea between 37 and 4 B.C., was buried at the Herodium complex in the mountains south of Jerusalem. But his final resting place remained a mystery until 2007, when archaeologists uncovered Herod's grave, elaborate sarcophagus, and mausoleum (shown here).

The synagogue, dated to the 2nd Temple period (50BC - 100AD) is one of the oldest ever found, and was unearthed at Migdal, Israel. Archaeologists were particularly excited by the discovery of a large carved stone depicting the menorah -- a seven-branched candelabrum -- from the Second Temple which was destroyed in 70 AD during the Roman siege of Jerusalem.