Antique Fountain Pen HUMP Filler Metal Body HANDI RITE vtg nib parts or Repair #EAGLE

victorian era inkwells | inkwell finial lion with ring glass inkwells detail 1 detail

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And quills. Probably super annoying to write with, having to refill the ink every few words, but I just love the cozy sound of them scratching on parchment/paper!

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Faberge Cut Glass Inkwell  ~ Ʀεƥɪאאεð вƴ ╭•⊰✿ © Ʀσxʌאʌ Ƭʌאʌ ✿⊱•╮

Faberge Cut Glass Inkwell ~ Ʀεƥɪאאεð вƴ ╭•⊰✿ © Ʀσxʌאʌ Ƭʌאʌ ✿⊱•╮

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Sheaffer Nostalgia Fountain Pen - Vermeil Filigree Overlay, 18k Fine Nib (Like New) - Nostalgia - Sheaffer | Vintage Fountain Pens - Parker,...

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Visconti - The Jewish Bible Antique fountain pen

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The Kaweco Brass Sport Fountain Pen is made from solid brass with a raw finish that will darken and develop a unique patina over time, giving it an antique, vintage feel.

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