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Antonella Roccuzzo Age

His girlfriend name is Antonella Roccuzzo and father’s and mother’s name is Celia Maria Cuccittini and Jorge Horacio Messi. His father is a factory worker and mother is a cleaner. When Messy is at age of 11 he was fall into danger by hormone deficiency is growth. In every month he need for proper treatment minimum 900$. But his family is not able to pay this money for his proper treatment in all time.


Guess what? Football (soccer) legend, Lionel Messi, really married his childhood sweetheart, Antonella Roccuzzo. One look at her and you’ll understand why. She’s just so beautiful. This absurdly stunning brunette is probably Lionel’s greatest victory. They literally grew up together and have loved each other since the age of five. Now that’s a love story.