Antonin Artaud, French playwright, actor and theorist of the theatre: (September 4, 1896 – 1948) - one of the great creative madmen of the 20th C. Photo: Man Ray, 1926

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Antoine Marie Joseph Artaud comúnmente llamado Antonin Artaud, fue un poeta, dramaturgo, ensayista, novelista, director escénico y actor francés.

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“No one has ever written or painted, sculpted, modeled, built, invented, except to get out of hell.” Antonin Artaud, 1924

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Antonin Artaud | Autoportrait | Images d’Art

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Man Ray year: 1922 Theme: Compositions Antonin Artaud's hands sugar piano table

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Antoine Marie Joseph Artaud, better known as Antonin Artaud, was a French playwright, poet, actor and theatre director.

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