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alternative health: (Also add local bee pollen for allergies. And if you take honey for them, be sure it’s raw unfiltered!) : Green Tidings: Natural Remedy Reference Guide

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The FOUR Truths about anxiety and panic attacks recovery that medicine and psychology choose not to tell you.

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Damiana (Turnera Diffusa) is a mood-enhancing / anti-anxiety medicinal herb native to Mexico & Southern U.S.. Learn about Damiana and its health benefits.

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This Is Your Body On Anxiety (Infographic)

This Is Your Body On Anxiety (Infographic). Anxiety can be brutal. Sleepless nights, racing heart, cold sweats -- all are hallmarks of a condition that afflicts approximately 40 million Americans. Even on a level that doesn't get classified as a clinical

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7 Myths We Need to Stop Believing About Medicating Mental Illness

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Gynostemma Uses For Health- cholesterol, blood pressure, bronchitis, fatigue, antioxidant, depression, anxiety and more

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If something is on your mind use these herbs to help you get through your troubles.

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Chamomile was often used as a remedy for nausea, diarrhea, gas, anxiety, fevers, asthma, colic and a host of other conditions. Most often, it was taken as a hot tea. For skin conditions such as hemorrhoids it was used topically.

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Kava Kava Benefits --- This herb is used to help one relax and communicate better with those around them. It has many additional medicinal properties, including it’s use as a diuretic, anti-anxiety aid, and to fight urinary disorders.

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