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Round up of over 40 blog posts on support students with anxiety, self-care, mindfulness, positive self talk, new student groups, and more.


Cope-Cakes: Coping Skill Worksheets

Cope-cake activity- part of a coping skills activity packet. Make a small cupcake or a large cupcake. Helps children identify their social supports and coping skills (including positive self-talk) through a fun game. Use smelly markers to color your cupcake and your mouth will water...


How to Relieve School Anxiety for Children With Special Needs

How to Relieve School Anxiety By Terri Mauro, GuideFor some kids, school can be a tense and fearsome place. Children with special needs in particular may have problems understanding what is expected of them; may face painful social exclusion; and may find the work confusing and stressful. As a parent, your instinct is to charge in on a white horse and slay those dragons. But often, a listening ear, a sympathetic word and a reassuring hug will be a bigger help.

Hold a sense of inner peace with you wherever you go!

Carry a positive memory in the palm of your hand to help you feel safe and calm wherever you are! I have seen this intervention done before and I have always found it powerful to use with children ...


The Worry Box

Worry Box: great coping strategy for anxious kids (I would get rid of the last line) Repinned by Apraxia Kids Learning. Come join us on Facebook at Apraxia Kids Learning Activities and Support- Parent Led Group.