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Japanese Bantams. Heterozygotes for short leg allele have short legs, but the allele is lethal so in a cross between two heterozygotes 66% will have short legs while 33% are homozygous for long legs. I wonder if they're good layers.


Buckeye, a rare, heritage breed - lays 250-300 brown eggs a year - one of the two best breeds for cold weather, they will venture out on the coldest of days. Dual purpose bird with particularly dark meat.


This is a Lilac turkey Tom. While not admitted to the APA standard of perfection yet, they are a great variety, and a true-breeding blue. Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys has a great website with tons of information about turkeys, and offers nearly all existing varieties for sale. Not your typical hatchery; these are quality, standard-bred birds.