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Apartheid is an afrikaans word meaning "seperateness" - it was a legal system whereby people were classified into racial groups - White, Black, Indian and Coloured; and seperate geographic areas were demarcated for each racial group. Apartheid laws were part of South Africa's legal framework from 1948 to 1994.

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Apartheid South Africa

Poster made by the Anti-Apartheid Movement in the United Kingdom highlighting the discrimination of the apartheid system. It was introduced by by DF Malan’s Herenigde Nasionale Party (HNP – ‘Reunited National Party’) in 1948 and lasted until the end of FW De Klerk’s government in 1994.


WHAT IS APARTHEID? System of racial segregation in South Africa. Lasted from 1948-1994 Created to keep economical and political power with people of Englis…

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The racist signs South Africans had to look at every day for 40 years

Beaches, bridges, swimming pools, washrooms, cinemas and even burial grounds were all segregated under Apartheid in South Africa.

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Apartheid in South Africa - Webquest with Key

Apartheid in South Africa - Webquest with Key - This 8 page document contains a webquest and teachers key related to the history of Apartheid in South Africa. It contains 21 questions from the website. Your students will learn about the history of Apartheid in South Africa. It covers all of the major people, themes and events of Apartheid in South Africa.

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The 10 best protests

The walkout by pupils at Orlando West Junior School in Soweto on 30 April 1976 in protest at being taught in Afrikaans was the fuse of the movement that came to be led by Nelson Mandela and which overthrew apartheid in South Africa. By June, Soweto was in revolt and some 600 people had been killed by the police and army. But the uprising established the jailed Mandela’s ANC as a guiding force for liberation and was immediately heeded in Britain.