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Getting Fit From Scratch: It's Time to Pick Up the Kettlebells

Time to meet one of the coolest pieces of equipment in the gym.

Northern Goshawk - the largest of the "True Hawks," or Accipiters, the Northern Goshawk is an apex predator of forests

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King of the Arctic by Ivan Starastin -égeons-les-ours/315306851859572

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LOOK: Some Of The Past Year's Most Spectacular Wildlife Photographs

Finalists Of The 2014 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Competition Will Leave You Wanting More - by Justin Black

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It's smiling!

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Dunkleosteus is an extinct genus of arthrodire placoderm fish that existed during the Late Devonian period, about 360–380 million years ago. Some of the species, such as D. terrelli, D. marsaisi, and D. magnificus, are among the largest arthrodire placoderms ever to have lived. The largest species, D. terrelli, measuring up to 6 m (20 ft) long and 1 t (1.1 short tons) in weight,was a hypercarnivorous apex predator

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Sharks are Apex predators needed to keep our oceans healthy and in balance. Photo by Ellen Cuylaerts.

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Anomalocaridids! As more and more fossils are unearthed, the diversity of anomalocarids becomes increasingly clear. Some were the apex predator of their time; others were gentle plankton-skimmers. Some impaled actively swimming prey in the open water; others probed for worms in the mud. There are, however, a few features that unite them all....

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