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Apology Letter to Boyfriend. When you are in a relation you forget rest of the world and everything around you reflects his love.


A Apology letter to boyfriend is written by the girlfriend to her boyfriend, apologizing for some action that she has committed wrongly against him.


Open when you're mad at me/ I'm mad at you These are two almost identical envelops, except for I placed an apology picture in the one where he is mad at me. In the "I'm mad at you" letter, I instructed Justin to give me the second article and to read the first one for himself. For when he is mad at me, I instructed him to do the reverse. It gives us the time that we need to cool off while reading the articles and it gives us a reminder of how to express what we need from the other person.


Polyamory Weekly blog post concerning the issues involved in opening up a previously monogamous relationship to outside parties.


Forgiveness is an essential part of a growing relationship. Without a consistent practice of forgiveness, relationships are repressed. Forgiveness is not something that comes naturally to most of u…

Everything is boyfriend material, but he doesn't have to apologize unless he really does need to. If I'm wrong, I'll apologize. It's only right.


The Secret To Staying With Someone Forever Is To Keep Falling In Love (And Never Stop)

Breakups suck. Period. You know it, I know it, and your entire social network knows it. In all honesty, the scars from repeated breakups are enough to deter someone from continuing the dating game.