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Todas las teorías sobre el logo de la WWDC 2013


Number Development Math Crafts (The Inspired Apple)

As I’ve been preparing for the Get Your Teach On Conference (which is NEXT WEEK, btw! Eeeeh!), I’ve been thinking a lot about number development and all the fun things you can do with it. My Pinterest


iCloud a name many still don't know how to use effectively since it debuted in 2011 in Apple's Developers conference. Since its my first posts since i stopped I've decided to make things easy on many out there giving a really simple explaination on ...

4 Easy Ways to Network on Twitter Before a Conference or Event

4 Easy Ways to Network on Twitter Before a Conference or Event by @alisammeredith


60 years since the Dartmouth Conference, artificial intelligence has been growing nimbly, but the underlying implication to the quest – whether artificial Intelligence would be labyrinthine to the functionality of human lives or would it rectify it – will always be of solicitude. As the race to monetise artificial intelligence begins, big names such as IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, are releasing magnificent technologies that are bound to capture the attention of…

World Wide Developers Conference will take place in San Francisco from 13th to 17th of June, this year. And now, Apple is very prepared for releasing new gadgets from his store, at event’s evening. Hopefully it might be the new iPhone by Apple.