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Apple kombucha

Fizzy Blender "Juiced" Apple Kombucha

Fizzy Blender "juiced" Apple Kombucha-- this is a recipe from I did something similar with fresh squeezed apple juice, bits of cinnamon stick and slices of ginger. SO good!

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Spiced Apple Kombucha

Spiced Apple Kombucha - Kombucha has long been touted as a probiotic-rich, healthy alternative to soda or sweet tea, and pairing it with apples and spices packs the perfect fall-flavored punch!

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Cinnamon Apple Kombucha

Cinnamon Apple Kombucha | For each 12 or 16 ounce bottle: 1 Tbsp. fruit juice, OR 1 Tbsp. chopped dried fruit, OR 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh fruit – AND/OR 1-2 tsp. spice or herbs

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Beginners Guide to Kombucha: Continuous Brew | More delicious recipes and nutrition articles at

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Too many kombucha Mothers? Make “Apple Pie” candy out of them! Get the Sugar Mamas recipe:

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5 Kombucha Flavors {for Fall}

5 Kombucha Flavors for Fall | Kombucha can be expensive to purchase, but it costs just pennies to make at home! Once you get the hang of it, it's time to experiment with flavorings. Here are 5 fun spiced and fruit flavorings for Fall. |

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How To Make Probiotic Sparkling Apple Juice

How to make probiotic sparkling apple juice. A healthy start to the new year, this bubbly drink is packed with vitamins, minerals and is kid approved.

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