Grow your own organic apples! Plant trees in either spring or fall. Explains how to: choose disease resistant varieties, use permaculture techniques like guilding, prune branches and thin flowers, bag young fruit to protect from pests, and identify nutrient deficiencies.

Planting Apple Trees 101. Put in two at our last home...need a few at the new house!

Apple Roses I want to try these with the pears from the pear tree

How To Save Heirloom Apple Trees

How To Prune An Apple Tree: New apple trees usually take 6-10 years to bear fruit.

Apple orchard....we had 10 different varieties of apples. Mom sold many bushels even when she turned 80.

Apple trees are a recommended addition to a chicken garden, providing both food and shelter. Photo by Kate Baldwin. (from Free-Range Chicken Gardens by Jessi Bloom)

See our ingenious pruning method for growing an orchard in a small backyard. Shown: Kept small with timed pruning, this 'Fuji' apple tree stands about 4 feet high and wide and produces an ample crop of full-size fruits.

When to spray apple trees for worms.

Sprinkling egg shells around apple trees and tomato plants helps add much-needed calcium to their diets.

Oh... to have an apple tree/small orchard in the backyard... a girl can dream :)

PRUNING APPLE TREES: First Winter: If there has been a lot of new growth, choose 3 to 5 branches for the first set of scaffold branches. These branches should spiral around the trunk with about 4 inches vertical distance between each branch. Cut off the other side branches and any vertical branches that may compete with the leader. Prune back the main leader shoot, but keep it as the highest part of the tree to maintain your pyramid shape.

How to Espalier Fruit Trees ... one of the easiest ways to include fruit trees in a small space garden and maximise your yield. Fruit grows on horizontal branches, leaves grow on verticals! | The Micro Gardener

Apples come under fruit and veg - other fruit and veg would be carrots and ornages

Apple tree./ATTRACTS:Downy Woodpeckers and Deer. May need to protect from Deer when young. Perfect for Deer plots. Keep away from Pyracanthus Shrubs, causes apple scab.

Apple Tree Care: When And How To Prune An Apple Tree

Apple themed ideas, lessons, activities. this would have been helpful when i was teaching trees with kindergarten

Apple blossom - love these - used to have an apple tree outside of my bedroom window

Information On Common Diseases Of Apple Trees - Apple trees are one of the most popular fruit trees in the home garden, but among the most prone to disease and problems. This article will help with common issues so you can better manage them.

How to Grow Honeycrisp Apple Trees |, John and I planted two last summer. So excited!