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I did this for the mortal instruments and then I was like wtf is wrong with me these are amazing I should have read this sooner *sigh* *smacks forehead* I'm so dumb

from Cosmopolitan

Hot Men of Yore

Robert Redford Can he give Apprentice contestants headshot lessons? At least he's owed a permanent spot in ad campaigns for watches.


The Apprentice loser and Trump “fake rape” accuser Summer Zervos was bribed $500,000 by Democrat fundraiser and lawyer Gloria Allred to make her accusations against Donald Trump, a deal that was shopped around to other ex-Apprentice contestants too, according to anonymous sources familiar with the matter. GotNews’ source tells us that Zervos’ sexual harassment accusation …

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ThunderClan/Clan Gallery

Hi guys, please read below. If you win a contest, you get to choose the theme, but I choose the due dates and the winner. Echo Bravo, you still won the contest (good job by the way) but the other times I'll choose the winner. Thx to all who will enter the upcoming contest, and I hope this solved any confusion! The due date is October 30