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Apricot Kernel Chocolate Butter (Apricot Kernels are amazing for health;delicious and nutritious)

from Dr. Axe

Vitamin B17 Controversy: Poison or Cancer Treatment

Vitamin B17 benefits #health #holistic #natural


Essential Oils to Prevent Wrinkles

MediMiss: Using Essential Oils to Prevent Wrinkles - If You Are Over 30 Skin Wrinkle Reducing Oil 5 drops Sandalwood 5 drops Helichrysum 5 drops Geranium 5 drops Lavender 5 drops Frankincense 1 Tbsp. Sweet Almond or Apricot Kernel carrier Apply 2-4 drops of the blend onto your fingertips, and apply to a moistened face and neck.


writer says..."Recently my father was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and given 6 months to live without treatment. Being a big advocate of natural therapies, I immediately started to research alternative cancer treatments. In my research I found evidence of over 300 natural, known treatments out there for cancer, but for me, as soon as I was introduced to vitamin B17, I knew that was the one that I wanted my dad to try". By Guest Writer Niaby Codd


Laetrile is a compound which can be found in apricot, peach, and cherry pits, apple seeds, berries which contain seeds such as strawberries, or red or black raspberries, bitter almonds (illegal in US) juicing wheat grass, chick peas, lentils, Lima beans, cashews, brown rice, buckwheat and millet. Modern diets are lacking in foods which contain amygdalin, and supporters believe that the body requires some of this “nutrient” in order to prevent and heal from cancer.


Vitamin B17 is banned because it cures cancer -