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NYT Cooking: This beautiful recipe for pot-roasted artichokes with white wine and capers appears in the chef April Bloomfield's 2015 cookbook "A Girl and Her Greens." It's tremendous. "The fleshy artichokes get browned and crispy tops and look like strange, beautiful roses," she writes. "The acidity in the white wine cuts through the rich, dense veg and, along with the salty pops from...

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Yorkshire pudding. ingredients 3 large eggs ¾ cup/165 grams whole milk ¾ cup/115 grams all-purpose flour ¾ teaspoon/5 grams kosher salt About 1/4 cup rendered beef or pork fat, olive oil or melted butter

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This porridge is just right. Bloomfield calls for equal parts of two styles of oats, which means the steel-cut bits keep their pop, while the rolled oats melt around them -- and getting them to the perfect texture only takes 20 minutes. Cooking with half milk, half water is enough to make it feel rich and loving, without slogging you down first thing in the morning. This will seem like a lot of salt. But it won't be too much, because at the end you'll add something sweet and something milky…

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Serve this lemon caper dressing over salad, but with something rich and fatty to dip in, too. The flavors are insane.

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April Bloomfield's English Porridge. Love this. Lost the recipe and couldn't stop thinking about it. It's nice and salty!

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