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April Challenge

Real College Student of Atlanta: April fitness challenge

I gotta try this

Want to change your life from the inside out? Join me for the 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge -- a year-long challenge dedicated to helping you develop longterm healthy habits. This challenge could change your life. Are you in?!

Join us for the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge in April! | Money Saving Mom®

April 2014 Photo A Day List: Challenge yourself to some fun - Fat Mum Slim

Awesome Abs and Arms April Challenge Calendar from Foodies Find Fitness! Great health and fitness blog!

30-Day Spring-Cleaning Challenge For April! Comes with a PDF printable checklist.

  • Gourmet Souffle

    What a cool concept!

  • April Qualman

    Hmmm. Missed worst Montana winter in forty years and looks like I will miss spring cleaning in my own house this year..... How do I do it????? ;p

april Instagram Challenge | There are a couple challenges out there from FatMumSlim, don’t ...

April Wall Sit Month....I'll just start 5 days behind :) ready. Goal.

'No Joke' April: April Fitness Challenge... an all-over strength and body toning challenge... with an emphasis on inner/outer thighs. I can do this!!

Thigh Challenge For April 2014

Core Strength 500 Ab Challenge... So many people are talking about this, I will try this in May for sure. The April squat challenge is fabulous!

  • Lacee Setters

    Haha ok got it!! :D

  • Marie Massey

    Not all at once ladies. You can break them up during the day and it will not be as bad

  • Lacee Setters

    Ummm yeah I'm thinking the same thing is this supposed to be done everyday!!!!

  • Jenn Kacmarynski

    500 abs every day??? @Janel Suzanne Daugherty Booher Laura Sears Nicki Winger Janel Barnett

30-Day Clean Eating Challenge - Kick start April with a healthy eating plan and the next you know it has become a habit. Are you in? #cleaneating

Announcing the #YogatotheCore April Challenge! For April, we are going to focus on your CORE! Having a strong core doesn’t just make you look good for summer but is essential for your overall health and wellness in both body and mind. We have put together our favorite, Yoga, Pilates and SUP Yoga exercises this month to really give you an exciting way to work your ABS, BACK, and ARMS.

Join us for the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Challenge! - Money Saving Mom®

  • Victoria @Snail Pace Transformations

    Love this series. I did it 2 years ago and I am still reaping the rewards. It sets you up in a good daily routine that you can easily continue once the series is done.

April Photo a Day Challenge (Embracing Beauty) *1. Rain showers

Join us for a fun challenge beginning April 1: the #riseandshine challenge. It's simple: eat a healthy breakfast and/or exercise each morning for 30 days! Follow this board and use the #riseandshine hashtag for WooHoos and encouragement from SparkPeople!

We've rounded up a few of the photo a day challenges for the month of April!

CrossFit-Style Beginner Workouts. Definitely trying this at home!! :) 30 day challenge

Join in the #aprilshred 30-day fitness Challenge! www.mydreamshape....

Plank challenge

April Photo-A-Day Challenge 2014 |

April Photo Challenges

April CY365 Photo Challenge List 2014

30/30 Challenge- April's Mantra... If I Eat Like Crap, I Will Feel Like Crap!