April Challenge

April Challenge: 30-Day Squat Challenge

Want to change your life from the inside out? Join me for the 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge -- a year-long challenge dedicated to helping you develop longterm healthy habits. This challenge could change your life. Are you in?!

Real College Student of Atlanta: April fitness challenge

April. Workout, abs & squats.

Plank challenge......this is sooooo my may challenge!!!!!! Even though dumb thing says April...since its already the third looks like i will be be doing 1-3 at once haha thats ok since i can hold a 3 minute plank already hahaha this will be easy!!

Awesome Abs and Arms April Challenge Calendar from Foodies Find Fitness! Great health and fitness blog!

April Photo a Day Challenge Create a photo a day challenge based on your book's theme and characters.

Core Strength 500 Ab Challenge... So many people are talking about this, I will try this in May for sure. The April squat challenge is fabulous!

21 Day Workout Challenge. 21 days of full workout plans, with exercises, sets, reps and rest times. Free PDF download of the workout plan to use and modify as needed. Great for someone who wants to start training for a #ToughMudder Full of HIIT workouts, Cardio, Body Weight Workouts and Even tells you want to do on your rest days.

Here is your challenge for the next 30 days: upload a photo to the Team Beachbody message boards everyday according to the prompt and add the corresponding hashtags.We are giving away prizes everyday of the month, 30 days 30 prizes!

30 Day Ab Challenge - Plus How To Do Perfect Sit-Ups, Crunches, Leg Raises And Planks

Caffeine & Concealer: April challenge

30 day body weight workout challenge

30-DAY CHALLENGE / MOVE / WALKING / APRIL 1, 2015 The 30-Day Walking Challenge | advanced training plan 10,000 steps MyFitnessPal

April Photo-A-Day Challenge 2014 | theidearoom.net

Announcing the #YogatotheCore April Challenge! For April, we are going to focus on your CORE! Having a strong core doesn’t just make you look good for summer but is essential for your overall health and wellness in both body and mind. We have put together our favorite, Yoga, Pilates and SUP Yoga exercises this month to really give you an exciting way to work your ABS, BACK, and ARMS.

April Wall Sit Month....I'll just start 5 days behind :) ready. Goal.

April 2014 Photo A Day List: Challenge yourself to some fun - Fat Mum Slim

Learn to run!

Weight Training Arm Workout (Biceps & Triceps) | Part of the FREE ConfidenceKini Workout Challenge by LaurenGleisberg.com

30-Day April Meditation Challenge | LIVESTRONG.COM

30/30 Challenge- April's Mantra... If I Eat Like Crap, I Will Feel Like Crap!

From Fat to Fit Chick: : April Arm Challenge!

Thigh Challenge For April 2014

2014 ~ New Year, New You! Fitness Challenge Group www.HealthyFitFoc...