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Aptts activities

FREE Penguin Multiplication Partner Game from Light Bulbs and Laughter. Put in in a page protector, add 2 dice and 2 dry erase markers, and it's ready to go =)

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Fraction Spinner from Laura Candler - great for math centers - can be used for adding or subtracting fractions with different denominators

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Free No Prep Game: Students match the A word on the spinner to the picture and word on the board below. Students use a pencil and a paperclip to spin the spinner printed on the paper.

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My popular Spelling Roll-A-Word, which has been downloaded over 7,000 times, inspired me to create a more comprehensive set of dice games to be used to enhance your reading and language arts class! Included in this set are: -Spelling Roll-A-Word (same as my original) -Vocabulary Roll-A-Word -Dictionary Roll-A-Word -Thesaurus Roll-A-Word -Read Fiction and Roll -Rad Non-Fiction and Roll

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Reading Fluency Drills RTI Intervention

Here are seventeen reading fluency drills using commonly confused words and related phrases. Students write the date and time on the chart below each drill;

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RtI Boards (Response to Intervention)

The Whole Wheat Class: Response to Intervention I made 7 different boards: Letter Naming, Letter Sound, Non-Sense Word, Word Family, Sight Words, Number Identification and Number Pattern boards.

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