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Aquamarine tumbled stone

Stones aquamarine

Stone Aquamarine Blue Ottoman

Aquamarine is a stone of courage. Considered a protective stone for travelers, aquamarine calms the mind, and reduces stress. This beautiful stone sharpens intuition, and works to open clairvoyance. Having an affinity with sensitive individuals, aquamarine gives support to those overwhelmed by responsibility and encourages the individual to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. This stone can help the individual evolve and break old, self-defeating personality traits.

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1gm Aquamarine stones from Vietnam - appx. 2-4 pc per gram / appx. 1/2"-1" or 10-23mm / 5ct or 1gm

1gm Aquamarine stones from Vietnam appx. 2-4 by StructureMinerals

Aquamarine (Throat): It has been said that if you need the powers of the aquamarine stone and want them to be as powerful as possible, wet the stone while drawing upon the powers for water doubles it strength. To purify yourself with a water meditation, hold an aquamarine stone in your hands. Visualize water coming out of the stone and into your hands. See it swirl through your body removing all negativity and impurities as it washes through your body, then down your legs and out of…


Aquamarine stones heighten courage when handling grief, & assist self healing. They help you to release anger & reduce stress. A March birthstone & stone for a few starsigns.

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Aquamarine Stone

Aquamarine resonates with the energy of the ocean. Ancient tales said that these stones were the treasure of mermaids, making them traditional talismans for good luck, fearlessness and protection.

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Aquamarine Stone Tie Tack

Attractive natural tumbled aquamarine stone tie tack. The natural tumled aquamarine has a fantastic transparent color, with a great oval shape.