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Animals Fish And Aquariums: Jbj Arctica Chiller 1/10 Hp Titanium Artica Aquarium Chillers BUY IT NOW ONLY: $509.94

Keeping your aquarium water temperature stable and within ideal ranges for sea life is essential. While heaters are nearly ubiquitous in our hobby, chillers are another useful piece of equipment that helps aquarium owners regulate the temperature inside their tanks. But how do aquarium chillers actually cool down water? Check out our aquarium chiller diagram to find! We've included some best practices and a how-to video so you can learn even more.


The Chill Solutions CSXC-1 nano aquarium chiller can pull a 20 gallon nano aquarium down 8 degrees. More:


Desktop Jellyfish Tank. Looking for a totally unique pet that will remind you to just keep swimming? How about a jellyfish you can keep on your desktop at work? We discovered this product when it was a top project on Kickstarter and won the Best Product award at the Global Pet Expo. It was just awesome enough for us to want several of our very own. We named them all Squishy, naturally...What a geek gift!