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There are two main differences that stand AAP out from the rest. Knowledge of water quality and proper lighting. We are the experts in both. This chart was put together to show the pros and cons of many of the major aquarium LED brands on the market. We see a clear choose at what is the best, and there is many reasons behind our choose, which is just based on the facts. Get color, quality, and save money in the long run. That's what we're about.


Click to learn more about this Fluval Edge 12 Gallon Aquarium. Its striking 3D cube design is refreshingly new and revolutionary. EDGE is an eye-catching showpiece that stands out anywhere you put it. It includes LED lighting, so it makes a spectacular substitute for tabletop lamps. The Fluval EDGE is available in two sizes: a 6 gallon aquarium and a 12 gallon aquarium. Both models have been designed to capture emotion and serenity.


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PAR 38 LED bulbs designed with aquariums in mind have been around for a while now. I'm quite pleased with the results using the Ecoxotic Panorama LED Fixtu