The best freshwater turtle site I've found yet. Definitely the place to go for pet aquatic turtle information. Aquatic turtles are often purchased with little to no advance research, and pet stores lie flagrantly about their care. They often grow much larger, and require far more equipment, than people remotely imagine. As a result, these are the reptiles that wind up in rescues the most frequently. If you want a RES, consider adopting.

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The Black-Knobbed Map Turtle —Graptemys nigrinoda—is a small, aquatic turtle found in the freshwater rivers of Mississippi and Alabama. The ...

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Mata Mata - Their flat heads, jagged skin and shells make them look like rocks or bark in the water. Even though they live in fresh water, these guys are lousy swimmers. They walk along the bottom and prefer to stay in shallow depths.

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How to Build an Indoor Aquatic Turtle Pond -- I want this so bad.... :P

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Zilla Premium Rimless Aquatic Turtle Tank Kit 20 Gallon from

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