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The oldest civilisation in the Arabian Peninsula , #Oman is home to jaw-dropping landscapes, a rich culture and over 600 miles of coastline, not to mention warm, sunny climates.

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History | Culture - The Sultanate of #Oman has one of the oldest civilisations in the Arabian Peninsula and is a country of mountains, wadis, deserts and historic old forts.

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h-agiofobia: Photograph by Mikael Stiller - Oryx, Namibia.

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Red Sea & Arabian Peninsula

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The Qal’at alBahrain (in Arabic: قلعة البحرين‎), also known as the Bahrain Fort or Fort of Bahrain and previously as the Portu...

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Where to Go In Oman: A Must Visit When You're in Arabia

A Guide on Where to Travel to in Oman. Discover one of the hidden gems of the Arabian Peninsula. This post covers places of interest in Muscat, Musandam, Nizwa in Oman as well as hotel recommendations

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Sand dunes, Rub al Khali.

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8 Obscure but Adorable Wildcat Species

The Sand Cat (Felis margarita) lives in the deserts of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and western Asia. It is about the size of a domestic cat, with thicker and longer fur. Sand Cats have wide heads and fur growing between the toes, a feature often found in Arctic cats.

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A dust storm or sandstorm is a meteorological phenomenon common in arid and semi-arid regions. Dust storms arise when a gust front blows loose sand and dust from a dry surface. Particles are transported by saltation and suspension, causing soil erosion from one place and deposition in another. The Sahara and drylands around the Arabian peninsula are the main source of airborne dust, with some contributions from Iran, Pakistan and India into the Arabian Sea, and China.

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Anthropomorphic Stele 4th millennium BCE This haunting anthropomorphic stele is among the earliest known works of art from the Arabian Peninsula and dates back to some six thousand years ago. Found near Ha’il in the north, it was probably associated with religious or burial practices. The figure's distinctive belted robe and double-bladed sword may have been unique to this region. El-Maakir-Qaryat al-Kaafa, near Ha'il, Saudi Arabia Sandstone H x W: 92 x 21 cm National Museum, Riyadh, 997

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