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Your first Emirati ‪‎Arabic‬ Learning Treat! Learn how to say “‪Hello‬. How are you?” to start a conversation with your ‪‎Emirati‬ friends.


Days of week in Arabic Levantine dialect. A quiz in the link and audio to listen to pronounciation. Have fun learning :)


Fridge copy - Grammar review sheet: arabic attached pronouns, demonstratives. Please head over to for the free pdf.


iTalk Arabic: Conversation guide - Learn to speak a language with audio phrasebook, vocabulary expressions, grammar exercises and tests for english speakers HD iOS iPad Education Free was 3.99 Own Want Buy ▶ Speak Arabic with perfect native accent, in no time! ▶ Record your voice and hear what an amazing progress you do day by day. ▶ Tap to listen, tap to record, compare and learn, have fun with it! ▶ Immensely boost your confidence to go out and talk to people ▶ Do it in an Easy and Fun way…