Arc Welding Basics: An introduction to steel welding using a basic arc welder. This tutorial covers some basic tips and techniques of stick welding. More at

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Arc Welding Bead Faults

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Here is a shielded metal arc welding rod chart…an amperage chart for stick welding rods

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Arc travel speed faults - Beginner welders tend to move the rod too quickly, especially those who are transitioning to arc welding from another welding process. The pool of molten slag is wide, tall and bubbly, and shouldn't be mistaken for the weld pool! The weld underneath the slag will be about half the width of the molten slag pool, and it takes longer than might be expected to build it up. Experienced arc welders say they can see the weld through the slag pool (they say it is darker…

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Basic Stick welding covering safety, joint preparation, rod selection, arc welding machine set-up, and basic stick welding techniques in various positions.

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