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Arduino Light Sensor

An Arduino light sensor circuit is able to detect changes in light. This is pretty handy if you need to make a project that requires being able to tell how light or dark it currently is. For example, an automatic chicken hatch door, automatic lights etc.

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Using Photoresistors | Use a photoresistor to sense light with the Arduino - CLICK HERE for Tutorial

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An Arduino light sensor is perfect in situations where you need to know how bright or dark it is. You could use this sensor in something such as a light activated alarm clock or camera.

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Arduino Light Sensor Tutorial: Learn to Setup a Photoresistor

LilyPad Arduino Light Sensor Module

- Micro Light Sensor communicates light intensity through voltage ( 0V to 5V ) - Designed for wearable ( textile) projects - Use with LilyPad Arduino, Arduino or any electronic device reading voltage

ShotBot - Arduino powered Pump Project

This Arduino Pump Tutorial is known as the ShotBot Project, demonstrating an easy way to build a simple shot pouring robot. We use two RobotGeek Pumping stations and some quick code to create a dual shot pouring robot. This project uses buttons to trigger the pouring as a basic example, but the buttons could be replaced with more advanced sensors, such as switches, light sensors, or IR sensors. You can follow the directions here, or find this project on the RobotGeek Learn site in two…

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