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Radio Arduino Simple

Hello, Ok, before to introduce this project, i want to apologize for my English, my native language is French...Secondly, this is my first Instructable, and it's the first part of a biggest project (a MP3/SD card/USB/radio/bluetooth/clock/alarmclock/temperature/humidity on TFT touchscreen 3.5")So, I was searching for a tutorial to create a simple Radio with Arduino... And all what I found was very complex sketches for a very simple result, and I didn't find any tutorials to use it with a TFT and UTFT library.I decide to create a tutorial for noobs like me which are searching for it.First , The goods :- Arduino MEGA2560 compatible (ready for the next steps of the project)- 2.2" TFT ILI9225 controller- TEA5767 breakout board- 1 button- 1 resistor 10k- 1 step up module (from battery 3.7v to 5v)- 1 battery (here i took a battery from an old tablet 3.7v, 6000mAh)- Speakers (i used old computer ...