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Discovering Area Formulas with Cutting & Gluing ! Enter for your chance to win 1 of 3. Discovering Area Formulas with Cutting and Gluing - plus 3 more activities! (39 pages) from Mathematic Fanatic on (Ends on on 01-22-2016) Add life to your area lessons & allow students to make sense of area formulas through discovery! .

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Area of Parallelograms, Triangles, and Trapezoids - Notes and Practice

Interactive notes and practice pages for teaching or reviewing area formulas of parallelograms, triangles, and trapezoids.

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Foldable Friday: Area Formulas (Math, Science, Social Studies......Oh, my!)

I think foldables are a fun and interactive way for students to both be creative and create their own personal formula chart of the areas of shapes


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Area Formulas FoldableThis foldable helps students organize the area formulas. The foldable uses a full page, so it will not fit in an interactive notebook as-is. The inside is blank for students to draw their own diagrams, write the formulas, or fill in whatever they need to help them.Sample pictures and detailed folding instructions are included. FREE 7-10th

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Area - Area of Trapezoids and Rhombi Riddle Worksheet

Area Area - Area of Trapezoids and Rhombi Riddle WorksheetThis is a 15 question worksheet that asks students to apply the area formulas for trapezoids and Rhombi (Rhombus). Included are 9 problems with diagrams and 6 story problems. NOTE: This sheet includes the use of the Pythagorean Theorem and Special Right Triangles/Trigonometry to find the missing measures of some problems before finding the area.

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Area - Formulas For Plane Figures Graphic Organizer

This product is a two page graphic organizer for the area formulas for plane figures: 1) Triangle 2) Rhombus 3) Trapezoid 4) Regular Polygon 5...


Activity: Area Formulas: Geometry: TI Math Nspired

Area Formulas for Geometric Shapes: Study or print flashcards from!

This is a 27 page Smartboard file over how to solve (rearrange) Literal Equations. The lesson compares them to a typical equation like a 2 step type. One example is explained step by step. From there the students tackle most of the common formulas that are used in math class like the distance formula, converting from Fahrenheit to Celsius, several area formulas and more.