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Area Of Rectangle Formula

Derive the formula for a parallelogram using only the formula for the area of a rectangle. It should make more sense for the student!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Area Notes and Practice Worksheet

This 4 page lesson includes a page that details the formulas for finding the area of a square, rectangle, triangle, parallelogram and trapezoid. The second and third pages are practice problems. Answer Keys included!


I've got a foldable for that! Volume and surface area. If you make the edge lengths have fractional parts, you've got 6th grade common core math.


Math Journal Sundays

foldable for a review on finding area of rectangle, triangle, parallelogram, and square

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Area of a Triangle - Foldable - Formula Options

The hardest part about finding the area of triangles is forgetting to divide the area by 2. The main goal of this foldable is to help students visualize that the area of a triangle is HALF the area of a rectangle so that they remember.This foldable represents a funny love triangle because I designed a female half of the triangle who is looking for her other half and the male half says, You complete me!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Area of Parallelograms, Triangles, and Trapezoids (Mini Bundle)

This is a fun and challenging bundled unit that your students will love. The bundle includes: Animated, interactive, and engaging PowerPoint, differentiated practice pages - including real-world problem solving, quizzes, notes, etc. Mike's Math Mall $