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Every damn arguing couple I met

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Best relationships: Talk like best friends. Play like children. Argue like husband and wife. Protect each other like brother and sister. I just so love this!


not all these words apply to me, but I liked them anyhow, so I just kept them... I hate the way you look at me and your tone of voice when we fight. I hate how I have to start yelling when you stop listening. I hate how you have to make everything about you. I hate how you treat arguments like a game. I hate how I have to apologize first, even when I'm right. I hate that you always have to win. I hate how I feel when the argument is over. I hate fighting with you. ...

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A psychologist who’s studied couples for decades says this is the best way to argue with your partner

After a decade of being studied, the married couples that stayed together had some key things about their relationships in common, including how they fought. Read more here: #imagotherapy #intensivemarriagecounseling #marriagetherapyretreats #relationshipworkshops