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An atheist posted this. Of course Robert Reich supports Sanders he's a fascist moron. And note the argument from authority fallacy.

Logical Fallacies - Argument from Authority: Presuming that someone who is an expert in one topic (ex. Physicist) can make credible statements about a completely unrelated topic (ex. Medical Advice).


Argumentum ad verecundiam Wikipedia-logo-en.png For more information, see the Wikipedia article: Argumentum ad verecundiam An argument from authority is one in which a proposition is claimed to be true because an esteemed person says it is true. It is a fallacy in that it relies on the person's fame or reputation, rather than on logical arguments or empirical evidence.

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“Types of argument: argument from authority ”

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The Ugly Side of Religious Purity

Examining the abuse and other negative consequences that arise from fundamentalist religious ideas about sexual purity.

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dictionary of Fallacies

dictionary of Fallacies Baculum Consequentiam Hominem Ignorantiam Invidiam Logicam Metum Misericordiam Naturam Nazium Odium Populum Superbium Verecundiam Asserting an Alternative Asserting the Consequent Authority of the Many Appeal to/ Argument from... Authority Celebrity Consequences Envy Fear Force Hatred Ignorance Nature Pity Popularity Pride Page 1 of 129 Argumentum ad...