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Anti-War: Honestly I'm just sick and tired of seeing news headlines announcing wars or politicians discussing war threats. I wish people could see both sides of the argument, and I wish my concerns for the future didn't include whether or not I'll have to live through war, or any other hateful scheme people come up with next. Sadly, I don't think this dream will ever come true, no matter how many anti-war posters people put up. It's nice to dream though.

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Nobody ever mentions this in their so-called and B.S. "statistics"... they'd rather deflect their stupid arguments to relative "non-issues" (such as what types of firearms can be owned, how many rounds a magazine can hold, or what types of rounds can be purchased, etc.)... while choosing to obliviously (and even outright consciously) ignore the number one cause of death (because they're morally & spiritually bankrupt in not valuing anyone else's right to life - except their own)...

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Against the Death Penalty: Christian and Secular Arguments Against Capital Punishment by Gardner C. Hanks

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