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Arguments against death penalty

Cruel & Unusual: The Death Penalty v. The Eighth Amendment - Criminal Justice Degree Hub

Cruel & Unusual: The Death Penalty v. The Eighth Amendment - Criminal Justice Degree Hub

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Anti-War: Honestly I'm just sick and tired of seeing news headlines announcing wars or politicians discussing war threats. I wish people could see both sides of the argument, and I wish my concerns for the future didn't include whether or not I'll have to live through war, or any other hateful scheme people come up with next. Sadly, I don't think this dream will ever come true, no matter how many anti-war posters people put up. It's nice to dream though.

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Why Humans Do That?

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'The Worst Of The Worst' Aren't The Only Ones Who Get Executed (INFOGRAPHIC)

The death penalty essay is one of the most direct and obvious choices for an essay. Is it right or wrong? How useful is the law or how can it be applied?

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How many pro-choice people know with absolute certainty that they themselves were not conceived in rape?

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Until you figure out how to stop contradicting yourself, please get out of my uterus.

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Nobody ever mentions this in their so-called and B.S. "statistics"... they'd rather deflect their stupid arguments to relative "non-issues" (such as what types of firearms can be owned, how many rounds a magazine can hold, or what types of rounds can be purchased, etc.)... while choosing to obliviously (and even outright consciously) ignore the number one cause of death (because they're morally & spiritually bankrupt in not valuing anyone else's right to life - except their own)...

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Thoroughly In Earnest: Becky For President :) Still on the fence about who to vote for in the 2012 Presidential Election? Worry no more!!! I'm officially announcing my candidacy today!!! Read my latest bloggie post to get the scoop on all my FANTASTIC campaign promises... (among them a law enforcing the death penalty for the improper use of 4 way stops). I'm Becky Halls, and I approved this blog post.

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