Ankle dog tag tattoo design idea. As soon as my sister gets out if the army, I'm getting this.

These 10 amazing patriotic tattoos are the perfect body art to celebrate the Fourth of July with.

LOVEANDWARCLOTHING - Army Love flared yoga pants, $34.95 (www.loveandwarclo...)

Military men: Subjects of the photo series previously served in the US Army, Navy, Air For...

Dog Tag Tattoo Around Ankle Not going to get a tattoo, this just gets to my heart...

Another tattoo Jeff did yesterday. They had an idea to make the text ‘Dont Tread on Me’ seem like the tattoo had been ripped to reveal the American Flag under his skin.

Army strong from the inside out.

U.S. Army Belly Ring The perfect way to support your Soldier!

Military Decals : Love My - Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, or Customize Your Own

Freaking Amazing!! Awesome!!! Love the detail of the Huey!!! ARMY - ALL THE WAY !!!!!

Army Dog Tag Tattoos | Family Tradition – Military Tattoos -

Soldier: Army Reserve Drill Sgt. Victoria Parker, 27, shares her a tattoo memorial across her left bicep to five of her fallen comrades in a new exhibit titled Vet Ink: Military-Inspired Tattoos

sosuperawesome: Always remember we are under the same sky looking at the same moon, by Maxine Lee

I finally know what the names for all of them are!!! I'm thinking of getting a helix or anti-helix

FREEDOM. The sweet aroma! We are close to losing it! Whether we declare it or not, WE ARE AT WAR! Whether we strike back or do nothing, WE ARE AT WAR! Let me be explicitly specific for you. If in order to preserve my way of life, we must subjugate half the world, I say...let's get cracking! The first targets are ISIS, Boko Haram, and its ilk. The next targets are the govts who support or secure those groups. OORAH BABY! ;o)