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    Army Tattoos For Wives Army wife tattoos ideas #army

    Oh your man has swag? Mine has tattoos and ACUs ARMY Top - LOVEANDWARCLOTHING

    Amber has this tattoo in honor of her service as an Airman (thank you, Amber!). This creed is a great tattoo for those in the military.

    Jesse Rix - marine Tattoo--- I want T to get a tat kinda like this, I love this tattoo!! :)

    Freaking Amazing!! Awesome!!! Love the detail of the Huey!!! ARMY - ALL THE WAY !!!!!

    Marine==== change the star to Marine symbol instead====makes a perfect shirt and or tattoo!!!!

    One Word Tattoo: "Resilience" Super important concept. You can stumble or fall infinite times as long and you get back up inifinty and one times. Also lovely font.

    Meet Kinessa Johnson. She served 4 years in the Army as a weapons instructor and mechanic and is now an anti-poaching enforcer. Recently she joined the ranks of Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (“VETPAW”) as an anti-poaching advisor. Johnson and her fellow post-9/11 veterans train and support African anti-poaching rangers to prevent the extermination of keystone African wildlife, and the disastrous economic and environmental impact it would have. ----HOLY HELL, I think I’m in love.

    United States Army 1/4 Zip II | Armed Forces Gear