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Here's a small circuit to try at your own risk...5 squat and press followed by 5-20 power push ups on your knees ( don't play hero on your feet) you'll be repeating this 10x. Try if you can and challenge yourself :). Make sure when you power off the ground that you let your elbows bend once your hands hit back on the floor and power up high. #fitness #workout #fitgirlapp #fitgirl


Jump Rope Workout Routine - Intense Home Cardio Toning Exercises. Interval - Jump Rope 60 seconds 14 reps of toning exercise. Circuit: Jump Rope; Push Ups, Jump Rope, Toe Touch Crunches; Jump Rope, Squats, Jump Rope and 40 seconds rest. Repeat circuit once, 21 mins. Já o fiz e é um dos meus favoritos! :D

Hope Floats Sweet piece of American life with two beloved actors, Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr. I loved it so much!


I know many of you like body resistance workouts. So here's one to try for your legs at own risk!! 10x no rest ( 50 hip lifts >30 burpees within a minute> repeat this mini circuit 3x in row ( 5 jumping split squats each leg > jumping squat w arm movement in video and all the way down to ground> 2 push ups ) > running high knee 1 minute.


Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog: Forces at Work. This is an AWESOME blog post on setting up stations to explain force and motion.


A sweaty summer yoga flow to strengthen and stretch. Down Dog, Right Side Three Point, Cheetah, Three Point, Twisted Cheetah, Three Point,…


Drop 10 Workout meal plan to lose 10 pounds in a week Learn how at


#TBT Bodyweight HIIT:: Set your timers to (45 seconds work/15 seconds rest) Repeat 3-5x depending on fitness level. 1. 6x Touchdown, 2x 🐸 Jump 2. Push-up, Kickthrough 3. Alt Single Arm Burpee 4. 2x Plankjack, 10x Mtn Climb. Tag ➡️➡️ @kelseymeadfit when you try this workout! 🔥🔥😅😅💪🏼💪🏼 #personaltrainer #trainer #bodyrock #athlete #fitness #HIIT #fatburn #bodyweight #exercise #gymvideos #demo #strength #core #abs #cardio #plyo #summer #outdoor #workout #bemorehuman #onetribe #reebok…