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Nothing is more frustrating than giving directions and having students ask you about those directions three seconds later. Somehow, this seems to happen all the time! If you’re struggling with this situation in your room, be sure to watch the video. Using the call and response technique just might save your sanity. And if you’re looking for even …

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Brain Breaks for the Classroom

Arts-focused brain breaks

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8 routines and tips that will transform your Art routines #classroomanagement @theartofed // Ideas y consejos para manejar la clase de #edplástica

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When a class is off task, I will move a letter to the other side of the board. If all three letters are moved, they must be silent for the rest of that art period. For every letter that remains in it's original spot for the whole art class, I color a square on my chart. When the colored blocks reach the dark line the students get a treat.

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The Art Ninja elementary art education setting up the room classroom management hall passes paint brushes

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Behavior Management Strategies - Visible Goals & Daily Evaluations

One word makers to help kids evaluate behavior. Could be customized ANY WAY. Magnetic, colored smile and frown faces help kids see what is being done well, and what needs work. Cute idea with the drawing of each too for kids who dont know how to read :) I LOVE THIS <3

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Classroom Management

Classroom Management | Ms. Truong's Elementary Art Class. class points 2-5; table points k-2

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I am an art teacher. My classes earn a crayon for good behavior each day. They work towards 5-10 crayons and when they earn them they can vote for a class celebration. (i.e. Sidewalk Chalk Day, Art Video, Free Draw Day, Picture Book Art Day, or Color Explosion)

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