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Maximilian Jaenicke Crown of Smoke How'd he do it? “Milk, water, a big jar, Canon Powershot A95 + macro converter lens, 2x 500 W halogen lamps, black board and PS, of course. Milk was dripped into water with a pipette. While the milk was decending in the water, a series of shots were taken."


Smoke, by Steve Wampler – A very sensuous-looking smoke trail that, for me, recalls the female form. At the same time, it evokes the idea of a fragile relationship and the possibility that the affection between two people will dissipate.


23 Amazing Photo Manipulations of Smoke

Celia's desire to leave the circus is stronger than Marcos perhaps because of her abusive childhood she wanted to escape the not only the competition but her father . He desires also manifest in her surroundings her birds represent freedom


best of art journal - december glows

'my lungs were pumping stale air the one that smelled like smoke i am exhaling it out now for the ones who left me broke' // art journal + poetry // journaling, flatlay, crafts, scrapbooking, diy, notebook, tumblr aesthetics, bullet journal, the 1975 matty healy, photography, instagram ideas inspiration, words, passion, quotes, illustration, lifestyle creative bloggers, poem by Noor Unnahar //


...though the darkness doth drain speedily, so greedily in her keeping she rests ever so sweetly on the arm of waiting death...


These Rainbow Clouds Made From Pigment in Water Are Stunning

These Rainbow Clouds Made From Pigment in Water Are Stunning - by photographer Kim Keever