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The Magic of a Great Homestead Community

The Magic of a Great Homestead Community with the Homesteader Hub. Check out this amazing project to connect homesteaders and build community across the country! Montana Homesteader

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"[Grassroots Economic Organizing]'s Top 10 Posts on Intentional Community & Solidarity Economics[...] Intentional communities come in myriad different shapes, sizes, & scenarios. What they share is a commitment to doing things together--a concept which has caused the model's popularity to double in the past 5 years."

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Communes: the pros & cons of intentional community

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"'Communities' [magazine] has been the primary resource for information, issues, stories, & ideas about intentional communities in North America—from urban co-ops to cohousing groups to ecovillages to rural communes. Communities now also focuses on creating & enhancing community in the workplace, in nonprofit or activist organizations, & in neighborhoods, with enhanced coverage of international communities as well. We explore the joys & challenges of cooperation in its many dimensions."

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Cohousing communities are intentional, collaborative neighborhoods. They bring together the value of private homes with the benefits of more sustainable living.

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