I seriously just started watching this show and it's like a good book. I cant put it down (:

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I insulted you, I slept next to you, I supported you, I swore I would protect you, I held you, but most of all....I loved you

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Could do fun teaser posters with Sherlock quotes and show information at the bottom.

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Lol this episode is so weird (beauty and the beast 2 parts) but Arthur is so funny in this scene!

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Merlin & Arthur. I can't be the only one who has always thought that Arthur just looked really attractive in this scene. xP

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Let's just appreciate these faces. I LOVE WATCHING THIS PART, okay actually I love the whole episode♥♥♥

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A Scandal in Bohemia is one of my favorite short stories mainly for the first paragraph. It is beautifuly written.

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I loved this because Arthur, when he and Merlin are alone together, always throws stuff at Merlin or teases him. But when Uther walked in it was like, "Oops! We were acting like two little boys and Daddy caught us." xD

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