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from The American Vision

Public schooling defies EVERY commandment of God

It is not difficult for some devout Christians to see the ungodliness of government education in some way or another. Unfortunately, too few see how pervasively evil it truly is. Too many see only relatively limited evils and are willing to endure these for a variety of reasons. But it is time to see and acknowledge the full truth. The homeschool and Christian private school world is growing rapidly, and the largest single factor behind this growth is the fear of Common Core. This means there is a large influx of people into the homeschooling movement who are relatively accepting

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Why Kids Should Work on a Vertical Surface

The Inspired Treehouse - Learn about the benefits of having kids work on a vertical surface from pediatric therapists.

from Edutopia

Resources on Learning and the Brain

This is a compilation of data, advice, and examples of what's changed in teaching since we started to learn so much more about the brain and how it learns. Fact or Fiction. Applying Theories. Research.

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200+ Ways to Get Paid to Write

Freelance writing is one of the most popular jobs from home. Many opportunities require little if any experience or formal education.

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A Handy Infographic Featuring 10 Things Every Teacher Should be Able to Do on Google Classroom (Educational Technology and Mobile Learning)


Halloween STEM Challenge: Bone Bridge is an engaging, collaborative, hands-on activity to keep students focused on learning before or after they say trick-or-treat!


U.S. history apps that are "revolutionizing" education. I have the Civil War App, and it is so amazing it is hard to describe! It is based on a day by day exploration into what was happening...includes letters from both northern and southern people involved in the war, newspaper articles and more. It is a treasure of primary source materials!


The teacher divides the class into the original states. They are given blocks dependent on their population. Then they vote on various things that the states really did have to vote on. This is an excellent demonstration of why the Articles of Confederation failed.