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Interesting view point from a former IRA terrorist with the blood of 34 dead people on his hands


Al Qaeda is providing "the recipe" of how-to articles on making car bombs and lists several suggested terror targets in the United States


Washington State Republican Senator to Introduce New Crime Bill Targeting Protestors as “Economic Terrorist” | "On Wed Nov 16, WA State Sen Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, stated that he is crafting a bill that would create a new crime of 'economic terrorism' targeting protesters. According to the Seattle Times, “He said the aim was to punishing environmentalists, tribal activists & others who obstruct oil & coal trains, pipelines & similar projects.” Click to read & share the full article.


Fake. It's also been attributed to John Adams, and states that it seems to have originated as a paraphrase of something by that Adams from a 1987 article in Parade magazine. The earliest publication of this quote yet found is 1990.

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Mud, blood and horror: The brutality of the Vietnam War captured in selection of stunning images

U.S. Marines Wounded: U.S. Marines carry the injured during a firefight near the southern edge of the DMZ, Vietnam, October 1966 Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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Arthur Miller's The Crucible: Modern Day Witch Hunt with Informational Texts

In this activity, students are instructed to divide into groups to read and analyze an article based on a group that is singled out, judged, and bullied. Students will begin to understand that The Crucible is more than just a play based on an historical event but was written to illuminate erroneous behavior that mimics the witch cry of a people gripped with terror whose only relief is to blame a group of individuals they either do not understand or will use as a scapegoat.


You don't have to be afraid of the unknown. It is unknown only to you. God is well aware of where you are and of every step He is asking you to take.