It’s what you don’t get to see and what Portugal-based artist, Cristina Troufa forces you to focus on that makes her work so intense…it’s her ability to draw you in on the perspectives of her subjects. The way she borders them off – choosing to leave certain areas devoid of color seems to harnesses all the emotion of the piece into the features and flesh of her portraits, making them truly live.

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"As I begin to paint the scene, I drift into a right brain realm where I forget time and space and just sort of live inside this painting and the flow of color and brush strokes." –Artist Dimitra Milan

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Artist and illustrator Joe Cruz had us at hello with his wonderful work

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Vincent Van Gogh and the Eiffel Tower were only on this Earth together for one year, 1889 - it's inaugural year - yet artist Aja Kusick thought it would be fun to visualize what the famous artist would've done with such a structure. The project sent her imagination soaring, and these gorgeous works of pop-art are the result:

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