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The AS "Val" (Avtomat Special'nyj Val, Russian: Автомат Специальный Вал or Special Automatic Rifle, code name: "Shaft") is a Soviet designed assault rifle featuring an integrated suppressor. It was developed during the late 1980s by TsNIITochMash (Central Institute for Precision Machine Building) and is used by Russian Spetsnaz special forces and the MVD, FSB, and select units of the Russian Army. Since 1987, it was added to the arsenal of the Soviet Army and the KGB.


You may be bad - ass but you'll never be Doc Holliday dying of TB but still smokin' drinkin' and sippin' on Laudanum. - Tombstone, Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday.


Photos: Flamboyant Zimbabwean pastor buys his wife a Lamboghini as Val present -

Flamboyant Pastor buys his wife this $400k Lamborghini sports car as Val present (Photos)

Val Chmervkoskiy Reveals All About the Dancing With the Stars Finale, Dating Rumors, and What's to Come

Val's interview with Glamour magazine ~ It's only been two weeks since I last saw Val Chmerkovskiy, but as he walks in to L.A. hotspot Cecconi's on a Friday morning, it's obvious a lot has changed since we last spoke. Of course, that was during the Dancing With the Stars season 19 finale, when he and partner Janel Parrish finished third—a tremendous accomplishment, but short of the goal Val had in mind. Although his demeanor today is much more relaxed, it's obvious there's still a lot on his…