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Ash Tree

Ash is known as the tree of strength of purpose, and wisdom. Ash sometimes represents the power which resides in water. To ward off evil, hang a staff carved of ash over your doorpost. Healing wands and brooms can be made from the wood, and poppets can be carved from the roots. Place ash leaves beneath your pillow to induce psychic dreams. Ash leaves can also be carried for general good fortune.

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Fraxinus americana The World Tree; Tree of Life Third month of the Celtic Tree calendar, February 18th - March 17th Third consonant of the Ogham alphabet

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Block print: Ash tree leaf - limited edition hand pulled fine art block print, linocut print (5 x 7")

Block print: Ash tree leaf limited edition hand by ParchmentMoon

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Ash Tree (Fraxinus Americana)- largest of the native ashes. White ash is the wood used for Louisville Slugger baseball bats

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ASH Gives courage and confidence and wider perspectives on life. Seapower, karmic laws, healing. Symbolism includes sacrifice, sensitivity and higher awareness

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