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My prayer for Ash Wednesday this year comes out of my own deep desire to be transformed and to see something new of God's image emerge in my life You might also like to check out some of the prayer...


Ashes to Ashes | Ash Wednesday Prayer Lent is a season to return to God, aided by the traditional practices of penance, prayer, and almsgiving.


Terrible, Marvelous Dust "How terrible. And how marvelous, that God should feel so tender toward the dust as to create us from it, and return us to it, breathing through us all the while. Even after releasing us from the blessed dust at the last, God continues to breathe us toward whatever it is we are becoming."


This year's Ash Wednesday prayer is adapted from Isaiah 58 - one of my favourite scriptures to meditate on at this season. I suggest that after you read through the prayer, you then read the script...


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Read Psalm 51 and sections of Isaiah, then get your forehead dirty. I know what Ash Wednesday is all about. Perhaps there are some new, more personalized approaches to beginning this time of Lent.