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Reason 400001 why I love Ashton Irwin. Well, it's so hard NOT to.<<< DUDES!!! 127 repins and 71 likes on this? THATS INSANE! Thank you! I appreciate your support and I'll make sure to pin more things like this if you like them! THANK YOU AGAIN MY AMAZING LITTLE TACOS!!!!


Every single one of you is special. Don't let anyone bring you down, I know it's hard but you'll be okay. I'm here for you. All of you. You might think no one cares, but it's not true, cause I do. I care about you. Keep fighting, come out on top. Life will get better, just give it time.

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I'll stay up late, listen to the rain poor, louder than anything, drowning out anything that's troubling me. Push on, always, keep dreaming


At my concert he told us that we didn't have to be alone because now we were with them so we weren't ever alone.<<i love them so much i'll stay with them forever