Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, AKA Jackie and Kelso from "That 70"s Show", probably 1998-ish. Now Mr. and Mrs. with a baby.

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without doubt the second best looking man in the world, my boyfriend Justin being the first.

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•Ashton Kutcher• I adore Ashton Kutcher! I loved his role in Just Married with the late Brittany Murphy. I also enjoyed watching his role in Killers with Katherine Heigl. I like a lot of Ashton Kutcher's films because he's such a talented actor.

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He's cute when he's had a haircut and just a little scruff. Not that awful long hair and beard!

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Ashton Kutcher in The Gaurdian... not only an amazing movie.... cant get much better looking than this..

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