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Soft, rose gold, smokey eye tutorial. Good for hooded eyelids or monolids on Asian eyes. Products and instructions in the link. Wedding makeup, special occasion, evening makeup.

As you can see, the way you apply eyeliner can really change the shape of your eyes. | 19 Awesome Eye Makeup Ideas For Asians

Eye make up maybe? - How do I still not know so much about make up? Right, 'cause I don't care that much

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A San Francisco beauty blogger shows her Urban Decay Naked Palette Everyday Eye Makeup look.

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Apply Eye Makeup Like a Pro - 40 DIY Beauty Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

Flattering makeup tips for Asian eyes - Los Angeles Beauty and Skincare |

19 Eye Makeup Ideas for Asians, I'm not Asian but I love these looks.

Ooh! I love this! Although Asians tend to have limited eyelid space, this uses it pretty well!

I've seen so many videos claiming to be the easiest way to put on makeup but I love how simple her tutorials are. She also uses affordable makeup brands so you don't feel guilty spending the money just to try it out. Not to mention it's asian eye makeup tutorial!

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Naked 3 palette. Gorgeous look, although I could never pull it off, since pink eyeshadow makes me look dead.

Apply black eyeshadow in a "whale" shape to create this winged smoky eye look.-- things you can learn from Asians

Add a little black eyeliner in the crease, and in the inner corner. | 19 Awesome Eye Makeup Ideas For Asians

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Being asian myself, it really is tough to find the right way to do your eye makeup cause it's such a small canvas, but this really helped :)

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Eyeshadow Tutorials for Asian Eyes series: Part 2: Vertical Gradient Method #eyeshadow #makeup #asianeyes

How To Apply The Shadow For Your Eye Shape...I'm happy they have "Prominent Lids", because that I what I have and eye makeup is a pain because of it.

Cat eye makeup for Asian eyes, might look better than traditional cat eye.

Top #asian #makeup tips at one place

An everyday make up tutorial that I love!! I not only love it because of the look but also because she is Asian. Asians tend to have different types of eyelids (mono-lids for example) or creases that differ from the popular traditional deep set eyes.

How to apply eyeliner top lid, how to apply eyeliner, applying liquid eyeliner

Asian eye makeup tutorials. I'm not Korean, but I have hooded eyes. Maybe these will work for me.