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Asian Garden Hoses

DIY Garden Art Hose Guards

Garden hose or lawnmower cord dragging across your plants? Make homemade, repurposed hose guards for just a few dollars and save your plants! Click to see complete instructions.


Clyde North House by Carlisle Homes


I love this privacy wall. Will need this in the future...and the potting benches are great! Need those too!!! :)


This house accentuates the deep connection the Japanese have with nature. Let's admire. This is the kind of courtyard home I want :D


How to Build a Garden Pond and Waterfall

How to Build a Garden Pond and Waterfall By Melanie L. Marten: Build a Garden Pond and Waterfall. Creating a backyard garden pond with a waterfall is a challenging landscaping project. However, the finished result will add beauty and relaxation to your yard and garden. Instructions Things You'll Need: Shovel, Pick (optional) Garden hose, Pond liner, Sand (optional) Pond sub-liner cloth, Pond pump, Pond filter, Flexible water tube or line, Landscaping rocks. 1 Choose a…


Fall Landscaping Ideas

Decorate with Accents-Add a few accents to your landscape that reflect your personality. This iron medallion waves in the wind and gives a large patch of ornamental grass an intriguing artistic element.


Like many other Southeast Asian new year rituals, Thailand celebrates Songkran with the dousing of water. Often, this occurs through water fights with water guns and containers. It is common for some to wait at the side of roads with garden hoses or trash cans filled with water, intended to drench unsuspecting passer-bys.


Canadian Year Round RAIN BARREL 55gal Safety Screen Brass Faucet + Hose Hook-up