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The rice paper Teahouse Lamp casts a wonderful soft light in any room. The lamps reflect classical culture in a pagoda style design. The lamp is modeled from lamps used in ancient teahouses.


The table for my office came! I think I mentioned last week that even though I found that great one for 1/2 price (you can read the saga he...


Mulberry Rice Paper Shade Lattice Pattern Korean Window Design Square Handmade Lantern Brown Asian Oriental Decorative Bedside Accent Unusual Table Lamp by Antique Alive. $89.95. This classic table lamp features a lattice shade made of Korean mulberry paper called hanji. Produced after an arduous, time-consuming manufacturing process made only by hand, hanji is an amazingly durable and versatile material for all kinds of arts and crafts. When used for a lampsha...